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Famous Reading Outdoors is an Outdoor Recreation & Off-Roading Park Located in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

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What’s Happening at Reading Outdoors

903, 2021

New Membership Cards

Moving forward we will no longer be sending out new membership cards in the mail on a yearly basis. With the year-to-date system, it is no longer necessary to send out membership cards every year.  As long as your current membership cards are still in decent condition, you [...]

2212, 2020

Trespassing and Security

Trespassing on Famous Reading Anthracite (FRO) property has been a consistent problem that needs addressing. Over the last few years, trespassing and illegal dumping have declined due to the increase of FRO members. We credit this to the members who willingly treat the property like their own. We [...]

106, 2020

How Famous Reading Outdoors Works

Famous Reading Outdoors primarily offers yearly memberships to people who already own their own vehicle. We do not offer rental vehicles at this time. Our park is open to members sun-up to sun-down everyday Our office is open 8am-4pm Monday through Friday Anyone driving an off-road vehicle [...]

103, 2020

Important Information!

A Reminder - The Following Are Mandatory for Compliance To All Users Membership Stay on FRO Property at All Times. All Visitors Must Be 12 Years or Older. Helmets and Safety Goggles Must Be Worn While Riding. Be advised that we are having issues with some FRO members [...]

110, 2019

365 Days A Year FRO Memberships

FRO Memberships are now based on a 365-day basis. That means you get a full 365 days from the date of your purchase and remain easy to purchase on-line. Buy Today – Ride Today! Example: If you buy a membership on September 16, 2020, that membership is good [...]

Famous Reading Outdoors is a Treasured Destination For All Off-Road Enthusiasts