FRO Memberships are now based on a 365-day basis.

That means you get a full 365 days from the date of your purchase and remain easy to purchase on-line. Buy Today – Ride Today! Example: If you buy a membership on September 16, 2020, that membership is good through September 16, 2021. This 365-day purchase cycle applies to all memberships.

Member Key Tags & Parking Tags. – All members will now receive bar-coded key tags and parking tags which will allow us to more efficiently and effectively manage the FRO grounds. This will also allow us to more effectively tie-in more member features and events in the future.

Accounts are Now Set Up to Auto-Renew by Default – Members may opt-out of the auto-renewal after the first purchase and by disabling/turning off the auto-renew feature in their Members Area / My Account. This new system and features allow us to enhance the FRO experience and value. Only new memberships purchased after September 30, 2019 on our new system will auto-renew by default (with credit card purchase).

The new Reading Outdoors Memberships are available for Purchase Today.