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Famous Reading Outdoors is an Outdoor Recreation & Off-Roading Park Located in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

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Announcements, News & Updates

Announcements, News & Updates2021-05-06T11:36:13-04:00

What’s Happening at Reading Outdoors

103, 2020

Important Information!

A Reminder - The Following Are Mandatory for Compliance To All Users Membership Stay on FRO Property at All Times. All Visitors Must Be 12 Years or Older. Helmets and Safety Goggles Must Be Worn While Riding. Be advised that we are having issues with some FRO members [...]

1108, 2022

Under Agreement! 395 Acres Set to Open August 26th

As many of our members have noticed we had posted this area as no riding and took this portion off of our rideable area map approximately a year ago. This land is to be under new management and open once again to riders starting 8/26/22. Kelly’s Hollow will [...]

610, 2021

FRO Minersville Ride Event Information and Maps

Attention Members! Couple of days until the Minersville Revitalization Benefit! If you have not already registered please click here to rsvp. Please be sure to check in at the Darkwater entrance as seen in the map below. At registration you will be given a wristband [...]

406, 2021

Stocked approximately 800 fish in 3 ponds located on FRO property

We have stocked approximately 800 fish in 3 ponds located on our property. Unfortunately, they are all still baby fish and unable to be caught until approximately this time next year. In order to ensure survival and the creation of a suitable habitat we have decided to establish [...]

Famous Reading Outdoors is a Treasured Destination For All Off-Road Enthusiasts