Famous Reading Outdoors Map Legend:

  • Orange Parking Icon Indicates Parking Locations

  • Blue Indicates Lands Available To Permit Holders

  • Turquoise Indicates Riding Trails (permitted)
  • Map Marker & Red Area Indicates Active Mining Area – Permit Holders NOT Permitted

  • Rail Road Property Restricted Area: Trespassers can face prosecution and vehicle impoundment.
  • Haul Roads (Restricted Access): Trespassers can face prosecution and vehicle impoundment.

  • Bed Icon Indicates Hotels, Accommodations & Camping Sites

  • Store Icon On Map Indicate Where You Can Purchase Permits

DISCLAIMER: RIDING ON FAMOUS READING OUTDOORS, LLC (“FRO”) PROPERTIES IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT. These maps are only meant as a guide and not of actual boundary lines and/or any conditions of FRO Properties. Be advised that all fencing, poles, signage, and other marking devices are in place to inform you of areas not to travel or prohibited from entering and/or indicate potential hazards. FRO assumes no risk of the accuracy of these maps and/or the safe conditions of any trail, facility, parking area, and/or any other area depicted on the map and/or located on FRO Properties. FRO shall not be held responsible for any damages and/or claims whatsoever arising from the use of these maps. Outdoor recreation has a higher level of risk than most activities, and can be potentially hazardous, dangerous, and/or lethal. Forms of outdoor recreation permitted are set forth on the Access Permit. Risk is always a factor with participating in activities permitted by the Access Permit and there are many risks, both natural and/or man-made, that could lead to injury or death while on FRO Properties. Trail conditions can change while an individual is on FRO Properties, and it is the sole responsibility of the individual to be aware of any changes in conditions and/or to be aware of all conditions. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF ACCESS PERMIT HOLDERS TO FAMILIARIZE THEMSELVES WITH THE FRO PROPERTIES. BY ENTERING FRO PROPERTIES, ALL INDIVIDUALS AGREE TO ASSUME ALL RISKS, HARM AND RESPONSIBILITIES ASSOCIATED WITH THEIR RESPECTIVE USE OF FRO PROPERTIES. Further, all individuals who enter FRO Properties agrees to purchase an Access Permit and to comply with all rules and regulations of FRO together with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations.

Famous Reading Outdoors Permit Parking Areas / Directions

Trail Parking – Entry Points for All Visitors

Learn more about each trail by clicking on the map icon above or read the tract details below. Famous Reading Outdoors trail mapping is compatible with the apps OnX OFFROAD Maps App (partner), Maprika, Maplets. Simply download either of the three apps and search for Famous Reading Outdoors.

Famous Reading Outdoors officially opened in August of 2017. Famous Reading Outdoors owns and operates approximately 20,000 acres of coal lands located in Schuylkill and Northumberland counties in Central Eastern Pennsylvania.

Famous Reading Outdoors is actively managing a family-friendly motorized, non-motorized and recreation facility. Offering trail systems and lands that have become a treasured destination for ATV, Dirt Bike, UTV and mountain bike enthusiasts. 130 miles from NYC, 95 miles from Philadelphia and 130 miles from Baltimore, this region features a world-class recreation destination.

With countless miles of trails, Famous Reading Outdoors offers hill climbs, mud pits, free range riding, single track and spectacular scenery for riding enthusiasts of all experiences.

Primos Hoagies - Coal Creek

Coal Creek Center
400 Terry Rich Blvd, Suite 10A
St. Clair, PA. 17970
(570) 429-1077


Famous Reading Outdoors is a Treasured Destination For All Off-Road Enthusiasts