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Three (3) Ways to Purchase 2017/2018 Famous Reading Outdoor Permits

Famous Reading Outdoor offers 3 convenient ways to purchase 2017/2018 annual permits at $175. You can purchase via online, in-person OR by mail. Famous Reading Outdoors has been offering trail systems and hunting lands that have become a treasured destination for ATV, Dirt Bike, UTV, mountain bike and hunting enthusiasts. 130 miles from NYC, 95 miles from Philadelphia and 130 miles from Baltimore, this region features a world-class recreation destination.

Buy Online Annual Permits
Where To Purchase Permits
Mail In Your Annual Permit

For each Permitted Use, please have all required documentation on you at all times while on FRO Property. Further, upon request by FRO, you agree to promptly provide proof of the required documentation for each permitted use. The required documentation must be valid and current throughout the term of the Access Permit. The following uses are considered “Permitted Uses” and sets forth the required documentation:

  • Full Sized Vehicles (License or valid photo ID, Registration, Insurance)
  • ATV (License or valid photo ID, Registration, Insurance)
  • Dirt Bike (License or valid photo ID, Insurance)
  • UTV (License or valid photo ID, Registration, Insurance)
  • Dune Buggy (License or valid photo ID, Insurance)
  • Snowmobile Bugee (License or valid photo ID, Insurance)
  • Mountain Bike (License or valid photo ID)
  • Hiking (License or valid photo ID)
  • Hunting (License or valid photo ID)

Famous Reading Outdoors is a Treasured Destination
For All Off-Road Enthusiasts