Trespassing on Famous Reading Anthracite (FRO) property has been a consistent problem that needs addressing.

Reading Outdoors - Off-RoadingOver the last few years, trespassing and illegal dumping have declined due to the increase of FRO members. We credit this to the members who willingly treat the property like their own. We appreciate that all of our members report issues and clean up the trash that’s left behind by trespassers. We are trending in the right direction, but to ensure our property’s cleanliness and safety, we are taking a few extra steps.

FRO/RAC security is strengthening its efforts by dedicating more time to permit enforcement and establishing areas that will be monitored by cameras. At the start of next week, security will be checking parking lots, parking passes, and member permits when entering the property.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but before entering the property you will have to show your membership cards to be granted access.