Mail-In Your Famous Reading Outdoor 2018/2019 Membership

The following instructions allow you to purchase your Membership by U.S. Mail or print and fill out all required documents prior to coming to the Famous Reading Outdoors Corporate Office.


  • DOWNLOAD the standard Waiver Form and Warranty & Representation Form (Word Document or PDF File); complete ALL information on the second page and SIGN where it says, “Permit Holder”. A parent or guardian MUST co-sign for anyone under the age of 18. By signing, you agree to all of the terms and conditions contained in the Waiver Form and Warranty & Representation Form.
  • REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION on you at all times:
    For each Permitted Use, please have all required documentation on you at all times while on FRO Property. Further, upon request by FRO, you agree to promptly provide proof of the required documentation for each permitted use. The required documentation must be valid and current throughout the term of the Access Permit. The following uses are considered “Permitted Uses” and sets forth the required documentation:

    • Full Sized Vehicles (License or Valid Photo ID, Registration & Insurance)
    • ATV – All Terrain Vehicle (License or Valid Photo ID, Registration & Insurance)
    • UTV – Utility Terrain Vehicle (License or Valid Photo ID, Registration & Insurance)
    • Dirt Bike (License or Valid Photo ID and Insurance)
    • Dune Buggy (License or Valid Photo ID and Insurance)
    • Snowmobile (License or Valid Photo ID and Insurance)
    • Mountain Bike (License or Valid Photo ID)
    • Hiking (License or Valid Photo ID)
    • Hunting (License or Valid Photo ID)
  • MAIL the completed Waiver Form and Warranty & Representation Form, along with your Check or Money Order in the amount of $175.00, payable to “Famous Reading Outdoors” mail to:

    Famous Reading Outdoors
    Access Permits
    P.O. Box 1200
    Pottsville, PA 17901

GPMX Motorcross School

Download FRO Waiver Form:

Please Note: Your membership will be mailed to the address listed on your Waiver Form. Be sure to include all the requested information to avoid delays in receiving your Memberships.Memberships will not be issued until all required information is received. Allow 14 days to receive your membership card. Reading Anthracite Company is not responsible for any Memberships or Membership Applications that may be lost in the U.S. Mail.

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