Famous Reading Outdoors announces the Off-Road Tourism Coalition (ORTC) and the town of Minersville, PA becoming a participating municipality.

The Off-Road Tourism Coalition & Borough of Minersville

The Off-Road Tourism Coalition (ORTC) is a partnership between Famous Reading Outdoors (FRO) and participating municipalities. The Borough of Minersville, Pennsylvania is a partnered municipality of the ORTC.

Famous Reading Outdoors offers trail systems and lands that have become a treasured destination for ATV, Dirt Bike, UTV and mountain bike enthusiasts. 130 miles from NYC, 95 miles from Philadelphia and 130 miles from Baltimore. With countless miles of trails, Famous Reading Outdoors offers, hill climbs, mud pits, free range riding, single track and spectacular scenery for riding enthusiasts of all experiences.

About the Borough of Minersville, PA

Minersville is a borough in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, United States. Anthracite coal deposits are plentiful in the region. The population was 4,388 at the 2020 census. Minersville is located 50.8 miles west of Allentown, 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia, and 138.4 miles west of New York City.


The ORTC seeks to partner with municipalities so that active FRO members can have convenient and municipality-approved access to enter, cross and use town roads with their off-road vehicles.

Restrictions of use apply relative to the rules of use by each municipality, but the first step to being allowed to use the town roads is for vehicle owners to become active members of the ORTC.

Vehicle owners must register with the ORTC and register your vehicles on an annual basis in order to have town access / passage. Access To Minersville and participating municipalities are only within hours and days that are specified.

Please Visit The Off-Road Tourism Coalition (ORTC) Web Site for Complete Details, Learn How the Program Works and SIGN UP TODAY!